The World as a Quantum Information Processor


It is impossible to fully grasp reality and the universe without a sound understanding of quantum science, i.e. theory. The aim of this paper is twofold, namely first presenting what quantum information processing consists of, and then consequently discussing the implications of quantum science to the understanding of reality. I shall claim that the world is fully quantum, and the classical world is but a limit case of the quantum world. The crux of the argument is that quantum information can be taken as a living phenomenon. Quantum information processing (QIP) has been mainly the subject of computational approaches. Here we take it as the way in which information allows for a non-dualistic explanation of the world. In this sense, quantum information processing consists in understanding how entanglement stands as the ground for a coherent reality yet highly dynamical, vibrant and vivid. Information, I argue, is a living phenomenon that creates itself out of nothing. Quantum information is a relational view of entities, systems, phenomena, and events (Auletta, 2005).



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Profesor titular de la Universidad El Bosque. Ph. D. en Filosofía (KULeuven, Belgica).
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University of Cambridge. Área de estudio: ciencias de la complejidad.

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